Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. The Daily & Sunday Telegraph for me Slim.
  2. Daily Mail & The Mail on Sunday , :thumright:
  3. The Times of London
    The Daily Telegraph
    The Sydney Morning Herald
    The Khaleeji Times of UAE
    THe Straights Times

    All on line, mostly news and business sections.

    On any newpaper on this site for more local information on story but hen I do have all day to do it.

    World Newspapers

  4. I like to read anything and be able to weed out the wheat from the chaff, shouldn't matter what rag a person reads or what talking heads they listen too, if you can't tell the difference between FUD and FACT then why bother reading or watching.

    If you subscribe to just one paper or news source, then you are not open minded enough to hear the two sides of the story or have blinkers on. All news outlets and papers or media period have a certain bias, it's because they have to pay the rent, just like everyone else, the trick is to determine what is biased and why is it biased and form your own opinions, rightly or wrongly....[​IMG]

    Oh yeah

    I read the:

    Globe and Mail
    Halifax Herald
    The Daily News.. :thumright:
  5. I tend to agree, these days all of them have a tendency with perhaps the exception of the FT to 'sex up' their stories and to leave out the bits that don't suit editorial policy. One thus has to take all that is said with advice and try to take a balanced view.

    The day is long gone when one can slavishly believe that the story in the paper is the whole story and is neither embellished or has vital bits left out.
  6. Be nice to be able to afford to read all of the Newspapers, but then we have News Channels to watch as well, apart from the BBC are they Biased also? :w00t:
  7. Most newsprint today can be accessed online, don't need to buy anything, as for the BBC, if it's anything like our CBC, then yeah it's most definitely biased, re: Whatever Government happens to be sitting at the time the BBC/CBC will be partisan.(who pays their rent?)[​IMG]
  8. I dont take any, I cant read
  9. For every newspaper edition printed seven trees have to die!! Kiss a tree hug a whale!!

    Only buy papers when I am on that boring Ryan Air flight who the feck wants to read about Beckhams shite and Maddonna crap. I prefer the mags as in reference type Digital Photography Magazine, Gardening types. Used to be bike mags years ago when I had the bikes. Motorcycle News. Is that still going??
  10. My wife buys the Mail on Saturday, for the TV section and I do the crossword, cos I'm too thick to do the Times crossword.
    We get a couple of free local papers which keeps me up to date on local affairs. I then look at a few on line papers and pick out a few stupid, interesting, kinky, different items which I paste into RR. This allows other RR members who don't have as much free time as myself to catch up on a bit of news. Admittedly I am biased in what I post and I do admit to this.
    far from decrying the mail I find that it does reflect fairly accurately the views of middle England, as does the Express. The Sun and Mirror are really comics and as long as they put plenty of photo's with bare tits then their readers don't complain. On line Times is good as is the Telegraph.
    I also look at a number of local evening papers on line, mainly of places of where I have either lived or work.
  11. Didn't this get asked recently?

    Anyway, as before;

    The Economist, the Financial Times and The Independent.

    I also have newsfeeds from Gartner and Bloomberg.

    I listen to Radio 4, mainly the news and current affairs programmes.
  12. The Guardian, The Times and the MEN (Manchester Evening News - great for City news)
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  14. I rarely buy a newspaper these days. Don't need to when I can dip in and out of various news agencies on line and watch the TV news at any time of the day. Besides - bloody difficult to get hold of them at sea anyways.

  15. Private Eye delivered and online BBC/Guardian/Sky and any other I come across. Rarely buy a daily - used to occasionally buy the Standard if I'd had a really really crap day and needed to switch off the brain on the way home from work. Don't have crap days any more so I'm happy (oops tempting the fates now).
  16. The Sunday Times,normally taken with a pot of earl grey tea and toast and marmalade.
  17. The independent, or occasionally the Guardian if the Indie is sold out at the local outlet.
  18. Used to read the Telegraph and the Express. Now I rely on TV news channnels and internet.
  19. Gulf News
    Emirates Today
    Khaleej Times

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