Newspaper reporting at it's absolute worst.........


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Royal Navy’s £348million defence ship HMS Forth reported to have 100 defects
HMS Forth, the Royal Navy’s newest £348million addition, has a worrying 100 defects with some electrical faults so serious enough for sailors to out the vessel in “power down” mode, it has been claimed.

The ship is the Royal Navy’s newest $348million addition,
The giant ship, one of five new offshore patrol vessels manufactured by BAE Systems, was part of an internal investigation that led to the discovery of a huge amount of defects days after she entered naval service.
A damning report of the multi-million pound ship’s defects is an embarrassing blow to BAE Systems, who have since claimed the faults had no impact of the ship’s safety.
It is understood most of the issues were picked up by the Navy before she set sail from the Clyde, in Scotland, to her home in Portsmouth.
Concerns on the ship’s electrical systems and bolt heads having been snipped off and glued back is an example of the catalogue of failures in building the ship.
Newspaper reporting at it's absolute worst......... Ermm, which Newspaper?

[...The ship is the Royal Navy’s newest $348million addition... At a guess - Septic? ]


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The old Forth was big but certainly not a giant , pic shows her flying the blue duster which would suggest she has not been handed over yet report says she has ??. Where did you find this Dusty ? , I want to send them a bag of shite.


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This was from the Daily Express....I know, I know, I only peruse it now and again for a laugh, but as a supposed 'main stream' newspaper the article above is laughable - this story was not even in the Daily Wail !!!!!


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Leave a comment, if they are allowed.

Google the journalist. I reckon her usual fare is of the;

dog ate fat woman’s chocolate-you won’t believe what happened next


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