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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by R077, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. I'm considering subscribing to a decent paper for the next year or so, though I'm not terribly sure which to go for. I like the content of the Independent, though to quote a workmate, it's (apparently) a lot of lefty warbling sh!te with bare minimum staffing and made-up stories 8O

    The guardian seems fair enough as an alternative, I'm essentially looking for something objective with a decent coverage on the current deployments. For this, I felt the Independent was quite decent.

    I'm not sure what alignment the major papers are so any advice would be appreciated.
  2. My preference is the telegraph mainly because of the crossword, oh and the sunday sport for the tits
  3. Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph :idea:
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Agreed, best rugby writers too!
  5. Cheers :wink:
  6. The Independent has good bits, but I find its obsession with saving whales/trees/bees a tad irritating.

    Despite it being the paper I 'should' read according to those that know me I find the Grauniad very dull - though I do like the Observer on Sunday.

    Telegraph. Ha. Ha, ha, ha. Good crossy on Saturday and the letters page is up there with Viz, but extreme middle-of-the-road (see what I did there?) gibberish.

    Times old chap.

    The Times.
  7. You might as well read the Beano than that rubbish. Go for the Telegraph!
  8. Joking apart though, to answer the question, if looking for impartiality it can only be the Times.

    Indy is hippy, Graudian pretends to be left but is pacifist liberal - so a bit like Indy then, and Torygraph is 70 years behind the times and a touch to the right of Attila the Hun.
  9. Concur. Go for the Torygraph.

    And Attila the Hun was a left-wing, pink-and-fluffy faggot lover. :D
  10. Well...he got one thing right :whdat: :)

    Edit: hasten to add I meant the first!
  11. Go for The Times, the traditional newspaper of record.

    Some may say that it has deteriorated since it came under Murdoch's umbrella but it is still the best read overall (in my own, subjective, opinion).

    Get The Observer on Sunday and the The Economist once a week.

    You are now good to go!

    I enjoy reading Henry Winter (excellent football columnist) in the Torygraph but Simon Heffer (Tory supporting political columnist) is enough to disabuse me of the notion of buying the thing.
  12. Nothing printed under the Murdoch banner, no matter how "respectable" it may try to appear. The Indie is good as is the Guardian, some people may see it as left wing, but that is only because they read right wing rabid rags (IMHO). :?
  13. OOOhh, Plus no one should tell you what to read. Your newspaper should be as independent as your politics, go with what you think is right. My mother-in-law reads the Mail (my hubby and i despair) but she reads it for the crossword not it's "news" (Thanks [email protected])!
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    My politics does not come into it, I find the Telegraph gives the most info.
  15. I think I might just go for the Telegraph. I have a little while to try it before opting for a refund so might try the Times simultaneously and see which is preferable.

    Cheers for the info so far, I haven't decided my alignment yet anyway, it's certainly tough times for those trying to choose the right party. :roll:
  16. You Read?
  17. Agree........why do people make this assumption? I buy a paper for information and a good read

  18. It's useful to go for a bit of a spread, equally it's quite good to challenge your own principles. It's worth bearing in mind that thaey're all philosophically fairly close anyway given that we live in a broadly left of centre liberalised democratic society. Anyway:

    Telegraph is economically right wing and socially authoritarian. Traditionally Tory aligned.
    Mail is economically left of centre and socially authoritarian (the reporting also isn't in the same league as the rest). Traditionally Tory aligned
    Grunaid is economically left wing and socially liberal. Traditionally labour aligned.
    Independent is economically right wing and socially liberal. The claim to be non aligned but probably Liberal aligned.
    Times is economically right wing and socially indecisive :) Traditionally Tory aligned but now stuck with the Murdoch alignment policy where they all conform with him.
    Financial Times is economically right wing and generally socially liberal. Traditionally Tory sympathetic.

    I'd second the recommendation to take the Economist, which is economically right wing and socially liberal. They're not party aligned but will generally come out with an explicit position a week or so before any election.

    I read the economist in hard copy and get RSS feeds from the Independent, Financial Times, and Telegraph. If you have a capable phone load up the google app and use Google Reader to track the RSS feeds.

    If you're going to read the Telegraph, I'd balance it with the INdependent rather than the Times.

    don't just decide on a political alignment and stick with it based on the rosette colour. Make up your mind on a case by case basis which direction you're going to support.
  19. Fantastic :thumbleft: I appreciate all the advice here, I get access to a number of differing papers here at the Uni library area (where I work) but never had an inkling as to which were decent being not very clued up/political myself until the last couple of years or so :roll:

    On RSS feeds I'm sure my soon-to-be phone will have no trouble, I'm going for one of those HTC smart phones ;)
  20. I would say 'The Beano' - the stories in there are just as true as any other.

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