Newsnight 2 Oct 07 - Paxman vs Bob on 1,000 troops...!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by stumpy, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. Got to admit Paxman tied him up in knots. But when has anyone got a straight answer from a politician? Can anybody tell me what the difference is between, a "notional" reduction and a "mathmatical" reduction?

    Semper Strenuissima
  2. With one of them, the equation has a Constant that is infinitely variable. It's the application of Zogonian geometry.

    For what it's worth, I enjoyed watching that interview. He was very loyal to his PM, though; Bob! I dislike Broon the Humourless intensely but I can't help but think that one of his "advisors" must have stitched him up with the Brief. Either that or he misread it through lack of interest.
  3. PMSL :thumright:

    If this 'government', and I use the term very loosely indeed, were to put people who actually had an idea of what they are/were supposed to do into Ministerial posts (instead of bootlickers who'd been all their lives in politics ), then perhaps this Bob could have been a reasonable foil to the Paxman brain and his questions !

  4. I enjoyed the Paxman Probe exposing the troop reductions for the political posturing they are. Were those reductions genuine the Minister for the Armed Forces, Bob Ainsworth would have said so clearly. It's a pity that Ministers (as distinct from back benchers) never seem to grasp that their posturing only serves to erode their credibility further. They have cried wolf too often!

    PS: I agree with Stumpy, that it's worth paying the licence fee just for Paxman's ability to make Ministers squirm! :w00t:
  5. Can I share another "Bob" moment with you. In tonights issue of The News, Pompeys evening rag, there is a banner line which reads, "Minister's pledge as he sees Navy in action".

    During a visit to RFA Argus Mr Ainsworth said, "The number of ships, the capability of the ships, the capacity within them, is going to change all the time as technology impacts on the ability of forces and, therefore, on the way it's structured". "Rest assured that in ten years time we will have one of the most powerful Navies in the world that will have a global reach. And that is effectively what's being planned".

    I hope I am around in ten years time to see this global projection, especially if the next fleet review is held on Baffins Pond!!

    Cynical? Nah!!!

    Semper Strenuissima
  6. The Minister was completely out of his depth against Paxman, it was clear that an unlected "Special Advisor" had briefed the elected Minister on what he could and could not say. New Labour Democracy in Action!

    However the Tory on after was much better, and for once a politician admitted he had made a mistake! Shock horror!
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Parody mode:

    " Now minister, a straight answer, are you or are you not the Minister for the Armed Forces?"

    " Now Jeremy that's a very complicated question, I used to be a panel beater for jaguar and then a shop steward and then one day someone put me in charge of this proud upstanding group of people charged with the defence of the realm, it's uh um ah........ all very complicated but the Prime Minister say's I'm not out of my depth and my experience within the union movement obviously makes me the ideal man for this job uh um oh er............ at least I'm sure he said that mathematically speaking, I um oh er............."

    FFS, what did we do wrong? I like Paxman he is a very clever bloke with the ability to see straight through these deceptive morons, I don't however think he had to work particularly hard yesterday.
  8. Baffins Pond?? Surely we should be striving for Canoe Lake!! :w00t:

    I heard Paxman give an after dinner speach shortly after 9/11 and it was one of the most inspiring I have ever heard.
  9. Another politician without military experience talking about "our brave boys in uniform" - easy meat for Paxo.

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