Since I've had to put the brakes on the polo shirts for a short while, I thought I'd more on: Newsletters. I just did the first ever ARRSE one, which everyone seemed to very much like, so would like to do the same for RR.

Have a look at this for an idea:

Rum Ration one will also list the most popular topics of the last 7 days, have a gizmo to get your account details back and some recent gallery pics. What I would really like to include are some golden-oldy posts. Stuff that is otherwise lost in the forums and forgotten about. Imminent socials or charity work also would be good to include.

Any ideas?
One of the threads I would like to re-visit is the infamous 'mong' thread that was over on ARRSE. Yes it was cruel and offensive at times, (isn't a lot of forces humour?), but it it did at times have me spitting my coffee over my keyboard and make me think I would go to hell just for laughing.
Another please - out of 10,000 members, 20,000 topics and 350,000 posts there must be more than one that can be labelled 'a classic'. Someone somewhere in the history of RR must have written something good! So please have a think and give me a hand here. What are the top 10 topics ever?


Lantern Swinger
trelawney126 said:
....Rumrat and Uncle Albert are in a class of their own...There should be a site "poet laureate" I nominate Rumrat . Uncle Albert also did a marvellous dit about memories. This should earn him the RR Booker prize.
:roll: ...CO you'd have to call it the RR Spewsletter

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