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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by alfred_the_great, May 25, 2010.

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  1. Yes - keeps the main forums tidy

  2. No - means the news is entered somewhere relevant without searching for it

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  3. I don't care one way or the other!

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  1. This is not an attack of soleil

    Do fellow users think we should have a dedicated sub-forum where anyone can post links to items of naval interest? It does get a little dis-heartening when you return to a forum after a couple of days away, and all that appears on the first page is 0, 1 or 2 post topics starting with a hyper-link. Whilst we should dig deeper, I suspect many of us just scan the front page and move on.

    Is this happening an indication that actually not a lot goes on on (most) of this site, much like some of the forums on ARRSE. Perhaps we should accept that ARRSE will contain the majority of the active, defence related, topics (and a couple of dark blue ones too!).

    Over to you....
  2. I just booked marked new posts, so I don't bother with the front page. I therefore see everything that has been recently posted. No digging deeper needed, or extra effort. Just one click on my browser and dah dah!
  3. What's a sub?
  4. It's a bit like a boat....
  5. I fail to see how having a new forum would help. If a host of new threads were started there instead of in the Current Affairs forum, would they not still show up on both the front page and the Last 50 page, thus defeating the object. Alternatively, if you make the News Links forum a private forum, then these links, which often are of interest to many on here, would be hidden, leading to multiple threads on news stories, or items of interest being overlooked by those who would wish to see them.
    A better alternative might be for the front page to contain a smaller version of the forums page showing only the most active forums, and the most recent threads in each. This could encourage users to look at each forum individually. It might even stop the crayoning that goes on in some of the threads, particularly in the Newbies forum, where young lads often find themselves subjected to a barrage of smart-arsed comments for asking questions that some of the old and bold take exception to. Even better would be if Lil's and the Gash Barge were excluded from this, and the Newbies forum (and maybe some others) excluded from the Last 50, so that those who come on here to taunt and goad don't see these threads unless they go looking.
  6. It is not broken so do not try to fix it.
  7. Some people might dis-agree with you there....
  8. Got fed up with the home pag; a very poor design in my view. Did the same as you Tommo (great minds and all that). I also have the top 50 bookmarked. Basically when I'm on frequently I use the new posts bookmark and when back after a few days I use the top 50 one.

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