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SimCentric was funded by the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) to develop a proof-of-concept visual search and linkage tool (VSALT).

Rather than focussing on an automated system to replace the human intelligence analyst, VSALT enhances their respective natural strengths. It provides intelligent automated filters to assist the user in finding linkages within the large volume of data that emerges.

Traditionally intelligence analysis takes place through 2 central mechanisms: searching and browsing. Searching the data is highly automated and, thanks to rapid advances in searching algorithms, is highly effective at retrieving specific pieces of information. Browsing is the process where a human looks through larger volumes of data where they’re less certain of what they’re looking for, but rely more on intuition and the human brain’s ability to make linkages in order to provide meaningful intelligence.

SimCentric believes VSALT has the potential to unify many of the different techniques currently used to analyse intelligence. It’s proposing a number of further innovations to the tool, including supporting real-time search of social network and live feed data, and adding network analysis and timeline-based views to the system.

Dr Adam Easton, CEO and Founder, SimCentric says:

The support from Dstl, CDE and the Defence Solutions Centre has been exceptional. While the funding support allowed us to take a product from an idea to a tangible proof of concept, it’s been the auxiliary support that has opened doors and allowed us to get the product in front of a customer base which would have ordinarily been very difficult to access.

Founded in Australia in 2008, SimCentric has been operating in the military modelling and simulation market. SimCentric moved their headquarters to the UK in 2014 and has approximately 100 employees globally.

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