News story: UK welcomes UN Security Council resolution on the Democratic People's Rep


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Ministry of Defence said:
The UN Security Council Resolution on North Korea, condemns the satellite launch by the DPRK on 12 December and calls for the tightening of sanctions. Commenting on the Resolution Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire MP said:
The UK welcomes the Resolution adopted yesterday by the UN Security Council in response to North Korea’s ‘satellite’ launch on 12 December. The fact that this Resolution was passed unanimously demonstrates that the international community is united in its assessment that the launch was a violation of previous UN Security Council resolutions and that the international community is prepared to take robust measures in response to such actions. This Resolution provides the international community with strengthened means to tackle North Korea’s illicit proliferation. The UK strongly encourages all states to implement this Resolution, along with their obligations under previous resolutions on North Korea.
We note with disappointment North Korea’s swift rejection of the Resolution. We strongly urge North Korea to re-think its approach, by refraining from further provocations and by taking tangible steps to re-engage constructively with the international community, particularly on its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. If North Korea is willing to take concrete steps towards re-engagement, it will find that the international community will respond positively. If it continues on this provocative path, it will face further isolation and Security Council action.
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