News story: UK Provides Further Equipment to Kurdish Fighters Tackling ISIL

The Defence Secretary has announced today in a Written Ministerial Statement that, at the request of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), the UK will supply a further £600,000 worth of military equipment to the Kurdish Peshmerga.

The UK Government has already gifted over 50 tonnes of non lethal equipment, heavy machine guns, nearly half a million rounds of ammunition, 1000 counter-IED VALLON detectors and has delivered over 300 tonnes of weapons and ammunition on behalf of other nations. This latest package will consist of medical supplies such as bandage kits and dressing for wounds to fill gaps in the Peshmerga’s resources and will ensure the proper treatment of injuries sustained in combat.

As a leader in the counter-ISIL Global Coalition the UK continues to make significant contributions to the efforts to tackle the threat from the terrorist organisation. By focussing these efforts where the UK can have the most impact we are delivering niche expertise, capabilities and equipment that has allowed Iraqi ground forces to liberate around 25% of ISIL-held territory since the coalition started operations last year.

Alongside the gifting of equipment the UK is supporting the US-led Syrian moderate opposition education programme, has instructed over 1400 Iraqi personnel and is set to treble its counter-IED training effort in the coming months – meaning there will be nearly 1000 UK personnel supporting operations against ISIL. As well being one of the largest contributors to coalition airstrikes, UK assets are watching the skies over Iraq, providing intelligence and surveillance, and our Voyagers routinely refuel coalition aircraft.

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A long ,long time ago I was on watch in the motor room of a then quite new 'A' class DE boat somewhere up North where it was very cold . We carried a Group Captain RAF who was a big wheel in ASW work and with us to see the other side of the story . He was a jolly fellow and told us of flying in an RAF bi-plane in the thirties in Iraq .
He told of flying along side Kurds on camels and popping them off with his .303 rifle . We were young and thought it quite exciting . Later in the civilian world I read the RAF had convinced the Government in the thirties to allow them to take charge of the military activities in Iraq , one of their tricks in their very slow lumbering bombers , was to bomb the 'Rebel" villages , but the old bombers were so slow the villagers had long gone by the time they arrived so a new tactic --delayed action bombs to catch the villagers as the returned , the kids first of course !!! This practice is recorded in Hansard in answer to a question . We are such a pious pack of pricks .