News story: UK monitoring with concern recent events in Maldives


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Ministry of Defence said:
Commenting on the current situation in Maldives and upcoming Presidential elections, a Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said:
“The British Government is concerned about recent events in Maldives and calls on all parties to exercise restraint to ensure the situation remains calm.
“During FCO Minister Alistair Burt’s recent visit to Maldives, he said it was vital that the country move decisively towards free, fair and inclusive Presidential elections. He also stressed the importance of all parties being able to participate in elections with the candidate of their choice. It is important for all parties to avoid taking action which could lead to doubt over the integrity of the electoral process and contribute to continuing instability.
“The British Government calls on all parties in Maldives to engage in constructive political dialogue in order to ensure free, fair and inclusive elections.”
[h=2]Further information[/h]Following the issue of a warrant for his arrest and presentation at court, former President Nasheed has taken ‘refuge’ in the Indian High Commission in Malé. Protests have taken place outside of the Indian High Commission in Malé. Presidential elections are due to take place on 7 September 2013.
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