News story: UK-France Summit 2016


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The Prime Minister and President Hollande met on 3 March for the 2016 UK-France Summit at Amiens in France. The Summit is the first since last year’s terror attacks in Paris and the 2 leaders discussed the fight against terrorism through intensified police and security co-operation.

The Foreign, Home and Defence Secretaries also attended, meeting their French counterparts to discuss with topics including counter-terrorism, the migration crisis, Syria and Libya.

UK-France relationship

France is one of our most important partners and this summit was an opportunity to further strengthen the co-operation between our 2 countries. Membership of the European Union also gives both countries greater security and greater capacity to project power.

Read the Prime Minister’s summit statement.

During the summit, ministers made the following announcements:

Read the summit documents on issues including counter-terrorism, migration, defence and nuclear energy.

The Prime Minister, President Hollande and their ministers at the UK-France Summit 2016.

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