News story: UK and Poland defence ministers hold their first meeting


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The agreement, which provides a framework for defence cooperation in areas such as training, information sharing and capability development, was the second such treaty to be signed with a European Union nation after France.

Defence Minister Guto Bebb said:

Meeting with Minister Sebastian Chwalek today has not only strengthened our ties with Poland, but provided both Governments a great opportunity to speak about future defence relationships.

Our defence and security cooperation is already strong, and this partnership between the two countries has real potential to benefit both our forces and our national interests going forward.

Today’s meeting builds on the common ground we share, including the deployment of our troops to Poland under NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence in the country, as we work together to protect our shared values, national security and people.

The Defence Capability and Industrial Dialogue was established last December, alongside the joint signing of the UK-Poland Treaty on Defence and Security Co-operation.

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