News story: Transmitting video data securely over unreliable networks

SQR Systems Limited has been funded by CDE to develop a new approach to securely transmit high-quality video over networks with varying and unpredictable bandwidths.

SQR Systems showed that this technology could reduce the bandwidth needed to transmit video data, increase the quality of video data transmitted, and protect the confidentiality of the data being transmitted. It could also be developed to allow integration with existing Ministry of Defence (MOD) and government legacy systems, meaning that it would be cost effective and simple to use.

Nithin Thomas, co-founder and CEO, SQR Systems says:

The funding we received from CDE has enabled us to grow the company from a 2-person start-up based in the founder’s bedroom to a fast-growing London-based SME, employing 10 staff and developing cutting-edge technology in the field of cybersecurity.

SQR Systems was established in December 2010 to commercialise the outcome of a PhD programme by Nithin Thomas. The company focusses on the development of cybersecurity technologies for end-to-end encryption of data over unreliable networks in the defence and aerospace, critical infrastructure protection and technology, and media and telecoms sectors.

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