News story: Timeline visualisation for provenance-based big data sensemaking


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MASS Consultants Ltd has successfully demonstrated user interface innovations that can be used to visualise the degree of trust in big data.

It was funded by the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) to design a dynamic, interactive information intelligence reporting model that can be readily incorporated into existing operational decision making processes, workflows and systems. These innovations can be exploited widely in defence, security, policing, emergency services and other applications.

In the future MASS Consultants will be integrating the visualisations with innovative constraints-based provenance metadata processing. The aim is to achieve better sense-making in the presence of ambiguous data and allow the user to apply their own domain knowledge, experience and other intelligence sources.

The innovation could show operational decision makers when they need to task further intelligence gathering to achieve a sufficient level of trust to meet operational needs, intelligence policies and comply with rules of engagement. It’ll then support applying fresh intelligence from other sources.

Making intelligence applications trust-aware is a user interface concept that’s applicable to all organisations and agencies that need to process large quantities of intelligence data from diverse sources.

Dr Adrian Wagstaff, Research and Technology Manager, MASS Consultants Ltd says:

CDE funding has allowed us to concentrate our applied research activities on a specific challenge. This has led to valuable user interface concepts that will lead to benefits across our customer base. CDE support has ensured that our technology is relevant and gives us a clear route to market.

Founded in 1983, MASS Consultants Ltd is part of Cohort PLC with offices in Cambridgeshire and Lincoln. It has 260 employees.

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