News story: Three new Dstl technologies available for licence through Easy Access IP


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As part of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s (Dstl) commitment to improving access to technologies we were the first UK government organisation to adopt the Easy Access IP scheme. Easy Access institutions promote new ways of sharing intellectual property (IP) to make it easier for researchers and industry to work together.

Dstl now has 15 technologies available for licence through the Easy Access IP scheme including an animal training system, an innovative respirator concept, a helmet with air vents and a blunt impact head injury model.

The new technologies added to the portfolio are:

Technologies available through Easy Access IP are usually considered to be at low technical readiness for commercialisation. For Dstl the scheme provides a mechanism to release low technical readiness technology to those who may be able to develop it further. By offering the licences for free, Dstl hopes to build stronger relationships within industry and academia and see the technology potentially come to market and create an impact.

Find out more about Dstl’s Easy Access IP portfolio or contact the team.

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