News story: This week at the Foreign Office

Ministry of Defence said:
[h=3]Human Rights[/h]The Foreign Office published new reporting on 28 Countries of Concern, along with updates on case study countries featured in the annual human rights report. The quarterly updates cover the period from October to December 2012.
[h=3]Yemen[/h]Foreign Secretary William Hague announced that the UK will host the fifth ministerial-level meeting of the Friends of Yemen in London on 7 March, with co-chairs the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Yemen. He said: “Now is the time for action and I look to the meeting in March in the hope that real progress can be made for the future of all Yemenis and the security of the wider region.”
[h=3]Libya[/h]The Foreign Office urged British nationals to leave Benghazi in response to specific threat to Westerners. Our Travel Advice has been updated to reflect this.
[h=3]Egypt[/h]Foreign Secretary William Hague marked the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. He noted the momentous change underway in Egypt and signaled the UK’s commitment to help strengthen democracy.
[h=3]UAE[/h]FCO Minister for the Middle East Alistair Burt hosted the ninth UK-UAE Taskforce in London. He said: “The UAE is a close and valued partner of the UK and the Taskforce has grown to become a central pillar of our effective partnership across a range of issues, from education, trade and investment to counter terrorism.”
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