News story: Submarine HMS Ambush commissioned into the Royal Navy

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Mar 4, 2013.

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  2. I don't think much of the author of the articles knowledge, it's not the "crew", it's the ships company, the boats will be based at Faslane, not ported although they could have said base ported. and it says the last 2 boats haven't been named yet, if they phone a friend I think they'll find the names Ajax and Agamemnon on the list. The piccy's are photoshopped anyway as the sun is shining ......pedantic mode off :).
  3. Oh no launched by pigpen Sloans missus - the boat is doomed
  4. One of the crew is sporting a bomber pin in the photo
  5. It's mix and match these days Tre, your not nailed to any class/type of boat anymore with the exception of SWS ratings (and it's ships company FFS!! :) ).
  6. What's the mast with speakers and flashing orange light for? Is that for special police type ops: Voice out of the dark "Pull over, you're nicked" kind of thing?
  7. That's the grimes light Waspie, when on the roof in the dark lets others know to steer clear as there's a nuclear submarine about. I'd hazard a guess the speakers are just for the commissioning ceremony.
  8. I haven't said **** all.

    You been on a DTS?:slow:
  9. Waspie is an anagram of Flymo only using different letters...*creeps away in embarrassed fashion*
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  10. ^ er ... are you using the same alphabet as the rest of us?
  11. I was using the wrong code book. You don't use Enid Blyton's 'Five go wild in Thailand' then!!!!!
  12. Perhaps he's learnt the error of his ways!
  13. What boats were you on
  14. No but I've got the DVD though!
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  15. Like one of these you mean Wits
  16. Considering his sexual preferences he'd have made an ideal bomber queen :)

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