News story: Strengthening security with secure encryption keys

Metrarc has developed a novel technology called ICMetrics™ for creating secure encryption keys from the properties of digital systems, without the need to store any of the encryption data.

Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) funding has enabled Metrarc to investigate whether ICMetrics™ can be used for deriving encryption keys from the operating characteristics of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) smart devices and the associated networks or web services with which they interact.

This work highlighted the significant potential of ICMetrics™ to strengthen existing security approaches and showcased the practical use for COTS devices in future military scenarios.

Professor Klaus McDonald-Maier, CEO of Metrarc, says:

The funding and support we received from CDE has permitted us to demonstrate our ground-breaking ICMetrics™ technology to the military community and has enabled us to work with other organisations that have a need for our enhanced security technology to protect critical information and digital assets.

Metrarc is a university spin-out based in Cambridge that’s focused on developing the ICMetrics™ technology.

About CDE

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