News story: Russia vetoes resolution to extend Joint Investigative Mechanism


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Speaking following the United Nations Security Council vote, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said:

It is appalling that the UN Joint Investigative Mechanism has been closed down. We continue to need expert impartial and independent investigations into allegations of chemical attacks in Syria.

Last year the investigators found that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons against its people on no fewer than 3 occasions. In October, they concluded that the regime used the deadly nerve agent sarin in Khan Sheikhoun on 4 April this year, and that Daesh used sulphur mustard for a second time in 2016.

Russia’s veto at the UN Security Council ends the Joint Investigative Mechanism. It can no longer help identify those responsible for use of chemical weapons in Syria. Russia’s response to 4 confirmed chemical attacks by the Syrian regime and 2 by Daesh is to shut down further investigation.

The United Kingdom will not let the end of the Joint Investigative Mechanism stop work with international partners to identify and hold accountable those responsible for using chemical weapons.

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