News story: Review of the 5000 series regulatory articles

The Design and Modification Engineering (DME) Regulatory Articles (RA) 5000 series has been reviewed to address the accuracy, relevance and coherence of the extant RAs. Some RAs may have been withdrawn and others subject to varying degrees of amendment activity.

The integration of European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMAR) 21 into the MAA Regulatory Publications (MRP) will be advantageous to establishing mutual recognition with other European MAA organisations.

It is proposed that the RA 5000 Series will be re-launched as the Type Airworthiness Engineering (TAE) Regulations.

Further information on the review can be found in MAA/RN/2014/02 (D Tech), Review of MRP DME 5000 Series and Integration of EMAR Part 21.

The reviewed RA’s are currently released for consultation under NPA 15/12. The consultation period ends on 4 September 2015 and all feedback needs to be sent to [email protected] by this date.

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