News story: RAF Reaper pilots gain wings

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 2, 2013.

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  2. 2nd class of pilot? I can fly the tomcat like maverick on my ipad!! Giz a badge.
  3. is.jpg Sorry JFH. This is the future...
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  4. Will the RN copy this idea for those who control underwater equipment by giving them the kissing kippers?:glasses8:
  5. Do they have a vanity mirror attached to the console?
  6. In pink for wannabe's.

    I finished CoD4 so do I qualify for rhe SAS badge?
  7. I bet they still wear flying suits even though they're nowhere near a plane!

    Wonder if they get flying pay?
  8. You are correct, went for a look around in Kandahar, even get flight rations!
  9. All Fools Day running slow this year?!
  10. 1st April was the 95th anniversary of the formation of crab air. The hundred year experiment must come to an early end :angel8:
  11. Speaking to one of the crabs at work and he told me that the "real" pilots are asking the "play station" pilots to cover up in the mess to avoid embarrassment!!
  12. I read somewhere that drone controllers had to be qualified military pilots in their own right, perhaps it was across the pond?
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  13. God knows where it will end.There will be NCO pilots next, mark my words.Cheaper to feed, and easier to shit on.:icon_smile:
  14. I got a clockwork sub in me bath," **** me ive done the perishers course":salut::salut::salut:
  15. Don't jest too much, one chief constable already intends to warrant the county PCSO's after two years service without them becoming crown officers.
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  16. Doesn't count as there's no 'puter screen, this baby will qualify you.

    Silent Hunter 5 Gameplay (HD) - YouTube

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