News story: Quantum random number generator microchip for secure communications


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Data encryption relies on random numbers to encrypt and decrypt confidential communication. Using the quantum properties of light, Crypta Labs has been funded by the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) to develop true random number generating (QRNG) technology.

The aim is to develop a working prototype QRNG which will be an easy, cheap and unbreakable encryption solution to a military grade standard.

Crypta Labs has engaged with 2 leading academic groups in the field of quantum mechanics. One group in Singapore has been testing the suitability of different light wavelengths to act as the optimised light source and the sensitivity of various cameras – such as those within a mobile phone – to determine whether the number of photons hitting each pixel can be accurately measured.

The other group from the University of Bristol has independently developed a microchip that includes miniaturised light source and detectors which Crypta Labs is looking to combine with its software.

So far, the company has produced a data processing algorithm to transform raw data from a sensor into random bit stream and has tested this on a sensor module. It will now conduct an in depth analysis of the capabilities and optimisation of sensors to prove raw data produced from sensors are quantum-based. It then aims to finish building a prototype (which it’ll look to miniaturise into a microchip), and integrate the optimised working parameters of sensors with the processing algorithm.

Dr Joe Luong, CEO, Crypta Labs says:

CDE funding has allowed us to start work on this breakthrough research, which we wouldn’t have been able to do through traditional investment sources. It’s an amazing programme that enables start-up companies like ourselves to explore innovative and disruptive technologies. Support and funding from CDE has given us the credibility and traction needed to secure external investment.

London-based Crypta Labs is an SME founded in 2014. The company has 6 employees who deliver research and development of their technology.

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