News story: PM praises bravery and dedication of military honours recipients


War Hero
The Prime Minister was joined by the Foreign Secretary, Defence Secretary and Chief of Defence Staff, Nick Houghton, at a reception in Downing Street for recipients of the latest military honours on 25 February 2015.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

I’m humbled by the bravery and dedication of these men and women from our Armed Forces. It was an honour to welcome them to Downing Street and to hear first-hand their own accounts of their endeavours.

The breadth of service recognised in these awards underlines the role our military play around the world. From braving enemy fire on the frontline in Afghanistan to helping children rebuild their lives after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. From pioneering battlefield medical treatment to rescuing fisherman stranded at sea. And together they highlight just how many people our UK military help to protect both at home and abroad.

These people represent the very best of our country – selflessness, determination, courage. And these awards are just a small way to express our gratitude and respect for what they have done.

It is absolutely right that Lance Corporal Leakey has been awarded a Victoria Cross. He epitomised valour with his actions on that hillside in Helmand. When you hear how events unfolded and the intensity of enemy fire, it is difficult to imagine how one wouldn’t be frozen to the spot and yet Lance Corporal Leakey risked his life to run across that barren hillside not just once, but multiple times, to turn the battle and save the lives of comrades. And that is why he deserves the highest honour for bravery the nation can give.

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