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News story: PM call with Prime Minister Turnbull of Australia: 23 February 2017


War Hero
A Downing Street spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister spoke to Prime Minister Turnbull of Australia this morning.

They discussed our co-operation in the campaign to defeat Daesh, and agreed on the importance of creating the conditions for long-term stability in Iraq. Prime Minister May was clear we need to see a political transition in Syria, away from President Assad.

They agreed on the need to tackle Iran’s destabilising influence in the Middle East, and the importance of the nuclear deal and ensuring it is rigorously policed and enforced.

On Brexit, Prime Minister Turnbull reiterated Australia’s commitment to maintaining a close partnership with the UK as we leave the EU. Both Prime Ministers said they looked forward to holding preliminary conversations on a comprehensive bilateral free trade agreement in due course.

They ended the call by looking forward to seeing each other at the G20 meeting in Hamburg in July.

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