News story: Plans for new army homes on display

Members of the public will be able to view the proposals from 2pm to 7pm at Durrington Library on 28 January, at Tidworth Library on 29 January and at Amesbury Library on 2 February.

The events will provide an opportunity for local residents, army personnel and other interested parties to find out more about the plans, ask questions and give feedback to Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) representatives. The exhibition material will also be available online from 28 January.

The proposals are for housing developments and supporting facilities on MOD land at Ludgershall, Bulford and Larkhill and are part of wider infrastructure proposal to accommodate the 4,300 extra troops plus their families that will move to the Salisbury Plain area under the Army Basing Programme by the end of the decade.

DIO Senior Town Planner Stephen Harness said:

These exhibitions are a great opportunity for people to find out more about our plans for the sites. Our priority is to provide a better estate for our armed forces and these developments will provide quality homes for troops and their families.

We will take on board the public feedback before submitting planning applications.

Wiltshire Council leader Jane Scott added:

We are working with the DIO, army and partner organisations to ensure the right level of facilities and services including education, transport, leisure and healthcare facilities are in place in time for the relocation of service personnel and their families.

We welcome the fact DIO has organised these exhibitions to help keep communities informed and to give their feedback on the proposals for their area.

The proposals are the product of extensive public consultation on wider plans for the Salisbury Plain area which started nearly a year ago.

Online feedback will close on 20 February.

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Alternatively, you can wait for the March editions of "Razzle" and "Escort" and view the inside of the houses, complete with furniture, in the Readers Wives section.


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I for one just cannot understand the mentality of the army.
Why do they feel the need to build new homes and move everyone from Bordon to Salisbury?
The cost must be phenomenal. They have all the homes and facilities but no, let's just close it all, move everyone 50 odd miles up the road and then we can waste even more of the defence budget building new homes and facilities.
Next thing they will fully refurbish everything in Bordon and then sell the lot to a company with a retired general on the board, probably, for less than it costs to refurbish it.
It's total bloody madness!!

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