News story: New regulations for the Air Traffic Management 3000 Series go live


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The Military Aviation Authority (MAA) has published its new Air Traffic Managements (ATM) 3000 Series Regulations and associated Manuals under NAA 15/04. The publication of these regulations marks the end of a 18 month review by an MAA Multi-Disciplinary Team formed from staff across areas of the MAA as well as members from the RAF and RN Air traffic Control and Air Surveillance and Control Systems Force Commands.

The ATM 3000 Review sought to ensure that the material contained within the various ATM 3000 Regulatory Articles (RA) and associated manuals is coherent, clear, concise and reflects the operational reality within the ATM arena today. Much of the information contained within the previous ATM RAs and associated manuals was either non-regulatory in nature, duplicated elsewhere in other Military Regulatory Publications (MRP) or in national/international documents (eg the Aeronautical Information Publications, NATO STANAGS or Civil Aviation Publications); this duplicated information has been removed and will now only be available in its source document as highlighted in the Military Manual of Air Traffic Management (MMATM).

If you want to look at the regulations they can be found here or if you require more information please contact us at maa-mrp enquiries

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I can't wait to see what the RR readership thinks of the ATM regs.......

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