News story: Moves to end sexual violence in conflict areas

The centre will focus on the empowerment of women in conflict areas, and ending impunity for sexual violence in armed conflict and the use of rape as a weapon of war.

It will be devoted to developing strategies to promote justice, human rights and political participation for women affected by war and insecurity worldwide.

The centre is a continuation of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) started in 2012 by then Foreign Secretary, William Hague, who launched the centre at the London School of Economics today.

The Ministry of Defence will distribute £1 million of LIBOR funds provided by the Treasury to support the centre during its first academic year.

The centre will also work with the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, based in Shrivenham, to further the aims of the PSVI.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

I am delighted to support the new Centre on Women Peace and Security. This is an issue of great importance to the Ministry of Defence.

The centre will provide a critical academic input into the development of our policy in this area, including the implementation of the UK’s National Action Plan.

Our support underlines the importance we place on ensuring women’s full participation in all aspects of conflict prevention and peace-building, and in protecting them from the horrific violence they so frequently suffer during war.

Chancellor George Osborne said:

I am proud of the UK’s leading international role in tackling sexual violence against women and girls in conflict and in promoting the rights of women and girls worldwide.

Our funding support will help ensure that we can make even greater progress in this area, that women can gain their rightful place at the peace table, and that fewer women and girls are at risk in conflict zones.

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Sorry, but I fail to see how this can "empower" women in a combat zone. Are you telling me that the "enemy" will abide by whatever agreement is reached? I very much doubt it! and lets face it, in one of the biggest "civilised" countries, i.e., India, rape is reported virtually every day. ISIS rape and murder, Boko Harem, rape and murder, no amount of talking or money will change that scenario.

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