News story: MOD pension payments to those living in Greece


War Hero
The financial situation in Greece continues to be subject to change and is fast moving. Veterans UK is closely monitoring developments but given the recent banking restrictions being imposed by the Greek authorities, the MOD has written to all War Pension recipients and Armed Forces Pension Scheme members living in that country offering 3 options:

  • to continue to receive their pension payments into their Greek bank account
  • to temporarily hold their pension payments
  • to redirect their pension payments to another bank account (such as a UK bank account) for a temporary amount of time

If you are affected by the current situation in Greece and you wish to make a change to the way that your pension is paid, please contact the Veterans UK helpline (for War Pensions) on 0808 1914 2 18 if you are calling from the UK or +44 1253 866 043 if you are calling from abroad.

For the Armed Forces Pension Scheme payments enquiry line (for AFPS pension payments) please ring 0845 121 2514 if you are calling from the UK or +44 1903 768 625 if you are calling from abroad.

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