News story: MOD awards multi-million pound resettlement contract

The new contract will ensure that Armed Forces personnel are well supported when they leave service and can translate the skills, experience and qualifications into a successful civilian career.

The contract for the programme – known as the Career Transition Partnership – has been awarded to Right Management, which has successfully run the scheme for the past decade. Commencing on 1 October 2015 it will run for at least six years with the potential to extend to 2025.

Multiple independent programmes have previously supported the varying needs of Service leavers. From 1 October 2015, all elements of delivery will be brought within the new CTP contract to provide more seamless support and for the first time all Service leavers, regardless of how long they have served or their reason for discharge, will benefit from the scheme.

In addition, a number of technological improvements will be unveiled at the contract launch which will significantly enhance the resettlement journey.

The different programmes that CTP will offer as part of its new integrated plan will be:

  • Core Programme – available to those who have served more than six years and all medical discharges (regardless of time served)
  • Employment Support Programme – available to those who have served between four and six years
  • Early Service Leaver Programme – available to those who leave before the four-year point or those who lose entitlement to other programmes because of a compulsory discharge
  • Specialist Support Programme – a specialised career service to support wounded, injured and sick to achieve a sustainable and fulfilling career, regardless of time served

The new contract also provides additional elements which will initially run as two-year trials, the details of which are now being developed:

  • Partner Employment Programme - designed to offer employment support for eligible Service partners, it will be run as a trial by Joint Forces Command and the Royal Air Force
  • Reservists Employment Support Programme – eligible Reservists will be entitled to some job-finding support through this trial, regardless of whether they are in civilian employment or not

Mark Lancaster, Minister for Defence Personnel and Veterans, said:

A career in the Armed Forces provides a wealth of benefits and transferable skills. Awarding this contract will allow our Service leavers to continue to access outstanding support, enabling them to transition successfully into civilian life and apply their skills and attributes in a new environment.

The provisions under the CTP are another example of our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, ensuring Service personnel and their families should not face disadvantage because of their military careers.

David Duffy, Right Management Ltd, Managing Director for Career Transition Partnership, said:

I am delighted that Right Management will continue to deliver a world-class resettlement provision on behalf of the MOD, helping to bridge the gap between military and civilian careers and connecting Armed Forces personnel to jobs.

The renewed contract will build on the success of the current contract and capitalise on our 35 years of expertise to provide a more integrated service with a wider range of support, and an innovative and more personalised provision to Service leavers as well as quality workforce solutions to employers.

Through the CTP, Right Management has delivered resettlement services to members of the Armed Forces since 1998 and has a team of over 100 staff dedicated solely to the CTP contract. The CTP, which includes the RFEA (the Forces Employment Charity and Officers’ Association), has assisted over 200,000 Service leavers with their transition to civilian life and in addition, has supported thousands of organisations looking to employ ex-Forces personnel.

The CTP helped 84 per cent of Service Leavers in 2013/14 to find sustainable employment within six months of leaving the Armed Forces, thanks to benefits available such as training grants, allowances, travel warrants, resettlement leave, transition workshops, one-to-one career guidance support, subsidised vocational training support, housing advice, financial briefs and job finding support.

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