News story: Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Strategy 2015 to 2020


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The MAA Strategy document sets out the MAA’s vision and mission for the next 5 years and breaks these down into 5 strategic outcomes and the key conditions needed to achieve success. The vision is necessarily aspirational, and one that the MAA may never achieve, but it serves to drive continual improvement in the delivery of its Mission. The strategy document can be found here (PDF, 1.04MB, 22 pages) .

The Director MAA comments on the 2015 - 2020 MAA Strategy.

The MAA was established on 1 April 2010 in response to the recommendations made in the Haddon-Cave Review. Part of the Defence Safety Authority (DSA), the MAA is responsible for the regulation and assurance of the Defence Air Environment (DAE). It assures the safe design, maintenance and use of military Air Systems and their supporting infrastructure including all Air Traffic Management equipment.

Through independent audit and surveillance of the DAE, the MAA aims to provide the Secretary of State for Defence, through the Director General DSA, the necessary assurance that appropriate standards of Air Safety are being maintained.

My strategy for the next 5 years has been compiled during the transition of the MAA into the DSA organization. As such, I will revise this document in 2016 when the Full Operating Capability (FOC) of DSA has been achieved.

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