News story: Iranian nuclear talks: agreement to meet again in March


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Ministry of Defence said:
Two day of talks between Iran and the E3+3 (EU High Representative Catherine Ashton, UK, USA, France, Russia, China and Germany) in Almaty, Kazakhstan concluded today. There will be a further meeting of experts from the E3+3 and Iran in Istanbul on 18 March to discuss the detail of the proposed measures.
The Foreign Secretary William Hague commented on the talks, he said:
Following useful discussions at the latest round of nuclear talks in Kazakhstan, I look forward to further progress by experts in March on the revised and credible proposal which the E3+3 have put to Iran. This proposal is intended to build confidence on both sides and move negotiations forward.
It is vital that progress is now made on addressing our most immediate concerns about Iran’s nuclear programme. Iran has much to gain from a diplomatic resolution to the nuclear issue and we are clear on the need for talks to deliver results. As the most recent report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revealed, Iran continues to expand its enrichment capacity and has failed to cooperate with the IAEA. Iran must show it is prepared to take the urgent action needed to address the international community’s serious concerns.
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