News story: International community meets to discuss progress in Somalia


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Ministry of Defence said:
Co-chairmen’s statement by Foreign Office Director Africa, Nick Kay, and the Federal Government of Somalia’s Chief of Policy Unit, Haji Awais.
On 14 March, representatives from international community met in Mogadishu with the Federal Government of Somalia to discuss recent progress. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fawzia Yusuf H. Adam, opened the meeting and set out the Government’s political, security, justice and Public Financial Management reforms. The Federal Government of Somalia delivered presentations on the development of the armed and police forces, the justice sector and the political process. Representatives from the international community welcomed the presentations, and reiterated their support for the Federal Government of Somalia.
The Federal Government of Somalia and representatives from the international community noted the upcoming Somalia Conference in London on 7 May which will demonstrate the strength in relations between the international community and Somalia. The Conference, co-hosted by British Prime Minister David Cameron and Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, will provide co-ordinated international support for the Federal Government of Somalia’s priorities, focusing on: improving security; increasing access to justice; setting up public financial management systems and political progress.
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