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Rackety’s Ltd received funding to develop innovative clothing for wounded soldiers. Rackety’s, a micro-business based in Leek, Staffordshire set up in 2004, is a supplier of clothing for children and adults with disabilities. However, following funding from CDE, Rackety’s Care Ltd was established in 2014 to specialise in garments for rehabilitation and recovery.

The Richmond Trouser, named after Colonel David Richmond CBE, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, was developed and user tested for wearing over external orthopaedic fixators used to hold bones in place during rehabilitation. External fixators are very uncomfortable for the user and need to be worn for long periods of time. The trousers are designed to help the comfort and dignity of the user during the long recovery period.

Annabel McMahon, Founder, Rackety’s Care says:

The funding and support we have received from Dstl and CDE has added a level of credibility, academic reporting and access within the Ministry of Defence that would have been impossible for a micro business like ours. We now hope to commercialise the garment for use in military and civilian markets globally and are looking to expand the portfolio of products to include ‘smart technology’ to assist with the rehabilitation of amputees and burns patients.

The company hopes to find partners to develop existing products to a commercial level and grow the range of products for rehabilitation using the latest electronic technology.

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