News story: Improving small arms training for the Royal Navy

Canadian company Deep Vision Inc was awarded a contract by CDE to explore a novel solution to enhance the effectiveness of live fire training exercises.

Small arms weaponry is one of a graduated range of responses by the Royal Navy when interdicting craft that are carrying out unlawful activities, with the effectiveness of the shooter being highly dependent upon the training received. This project aimed to supplement current training efforts through the development of an automatic system for observing and evaluating shooter performance.

The single proof-of-concept system robustly tracked remote-controlled training targets and detected where shots hit the water in relation to the target. This was used to generate shooter statistics, such as how many shots missed the target, and what identifiable bias the shooter displayed (for example, continuously over-shooting).

Without the need for reconfiguration or extensive learning periods, the system was deployed, as is, against recorded video of live fire training exercises, showing a range of scenarios and conditions.

Deep Vision is currently exploring ways to exploit the proof-of-concept system and produce a viable and valuable training tool.

Chief Executive Officer, Alan Parslow, said:

The funding and support we got from CDE provided us with the opportunity to undertake research in an area that we would otherwise have considered too high risk. And with great success.
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