News story: Improving responses to cyber-attacks

Cyberlytic Limited has been funded by CDE for 3 projects in the cyber area. Founded in 2013, Cyberlytic is based in London with R&D in Belfast and is the originator and owner of intellectual property relating to real-time risk assessment and prioritisation of cyber-attacks.

Outputs from early projects showed that cyber-attack data from existing security systems could be used to determine the relative risk of a new attack and support security teams in decision making and workload prioritisation.

As a result of this research, Cyberlytic developed the Cyber Threat Profiler (CTP), which uses machine learning and adaptive rules to provide real-time risk assessment of cyber-attacks. The CTP enables security teams to respond immediately to high-risk cyber-attacks.

Cyberlytic has recently been awarded a further CDE contract to provide research and a proof of concept for automated cyber defence that, through advanced mathematical techniques, will determine an appropriate, context-driven automated response.

Stuart Laidlaw, CEO of Cyberlytic says:

Successfully completing 2 CDE projects in 2013 gave us the confidence to create Cyberlytic. Two years later, we have received early stage funding from a UK VC and recently supported a UK business delegation to Washington DC, where we received endorsement from the Prime Minister.
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