News story: Improving intelligence data processing and enhancing situational awareness


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Polaris Consulting Ltd, in conjunction with the University of Portsmouth, have successfully developed and tested a proof-of-concept machine learning tool which allows analysts to quickly process data and extract actionable intelligence.

This is one of 3 projects the company has received funding for from the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE).

Testing the ‘Dominance-based Rough Set Approach’ (DRSA) tool in a lab experiment showed a significant increase in the ability of analysts to process, identify and extract intelligence from large volumes of data.

Future work will focus on maturing the tool by testing more complex sets of data, building in additional analysis capabilities, configuring the tool for multiple analyst use and developing the user interface.

It’s envisioned that the DRSA tool will provide intelligence analysts with an automated processing capability, speeding up the timeliness and quality of the intelligence analysis process, and hence significantly improving situational awareness.

Polaris is primarily exploring application of the DRSA tool for Electronic Warfare (EW)/Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) processing with aspirations to expand into broader intelligence domains across Defence and Security.

David Bangert, Founder, Polaris Consulting Ltd says:

Winning funding for 3 CDE proposals has been of huge benefit to Polaris. They’ve enabled us to apply our analysis expertise to some cutting edge defence problems, build partnerships with other companies, and raise the profile of the business. Like most SMEs, we relish a challenge, and CDE has expanded our horizons and will undoubtedly provide us with new opportunities in the future. It’s also good to be working with like-minded partners to deliver tangible benefits for the UK’s Armed Services.
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