News story: Government flies flag for armed forces

In a show of support for the UK’s armed forces, all government departments across Whitehall will fly the Armed Forces flag from Monday 22 June and throughout Armed Forces Week.

Paying tribute to our servicemen and women, their families, veterans and cadets, there will be a week of celebrations starting on Monday and culminating in Armed Forces Day on Saturday 27 June.

Guildford will host the national event on Saturday and will mark the start of Armed Forces Week with a flag raising ceremony at the Guildhall. The flag will also be raised on buildings and famous landmarks around the country including 10 Downing Street and other government departments on Whitehall.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, said:

This is a really important week for Britain. It is a chance to recognise the huge sacrifice our armed forces servicemen and women make to keep Britain safe. That’s why, right across the government, we will be flying our Armed Forces flags with pride.

All over the world, UK military personnel work tirelessly to provide security, fight terrorism and extremism, promote peace and deliver much needed aid and humanitarian support. It’s only right that we honour them.

Events will be held up and down the country to mark the 7th Armed Forces Day. The government has already enshrined in law the Armed Forces Covenant which sets out the relationship between the nation, the government and the armed forces.

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For my part, the entire Armed Forces Day has gripped since its inception. It gives whatever Government that's in at the time a chance to pretend that it cares. It gives Joe and Josephine Public the chance to give 3 cheers for Jack, Tommy and Algy while begrudging every Tax penny that's spent on them. Additionally, as Ninja_Stoker observed, lucky recipients of this stage managed adulation get dicked for a Saturday turn-to.


War Hero
To be honest, the heffalump in the compartment is the public are largely indifferent & the serviceperson would be happier having the day off. Trouble is there'll be angry ex-service personnel somewhere that will doubtless demand public adulation and want the rather pointless & expensive charade to continue because they feel they deserve it.