News story: Foreign Secretary welcomes Guatemala’s positive engagement at the UN


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Ministry of Defence said:
Speaking after the meeting the Foreign Secretary said:
I am delighted to welcome Guatemala’s new Foreign Minister, Fernando Carrera to the UK.
Over the past year, our Embassy in Guatemala City has continued to work with the Government of Guatemala to strengthen our bilateral relations and build cooperation in areas of mutual interest such as international crime, drugs and regional security.
Our Embassy is already working towards ‘British Week 2013’, which will raise the UK’s commercial profile in Guatemala and pave the way for both British and Guatemalan companies to make the most of the EU-Central America Association Agreement, currently in the process of ratification.
During today’s meeting, I expressed the UK’s appreciation for Guatemala’s principled and positive engagement on many key issues during its first non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council. We discussed the situation in the Middle East and North Africa, including the ongoing military operation to defeat terrorism in Mali.
We are committed to working together in the UN and with regional partners on our shared priorities on security and prosperity. I look forward to our continued cooperation across the wide spectrum of issues that affect us.
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