News story: Foreign Office urges all sides in Yemen to participate in National Dialog

Ministry of Defence said:
Looking ahead to the start of the National Dialogue Conference on Monday 18 March, a Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said:
National Dialogue lies at the heart of the political transition in Yemen. The dialogue is the best and only opportunity for Yemenis of all sides to come together, resolve their political differences peacefully, and participate in creating a new future for their country. The dialogue will require the broadest possible participation. We encourage all Yemenis, including participants from the South, North, youth groups, women and all established parties, to seize this opportunity. National Dialogue will not be an easy process and there will be disagreements. But we urge all sides to engage seriously with open minds and without pre-conditions.
There are some groups, inside and outside Yemen, who wish to undermine this process. The UN Security Council made clear in its Presidential Statement of 15 February that this will not be tolerated. President Hadi and other Yemeni political leaders have shown great resolve and determination, and it is now time for Yemenis to decide together what their future holds. The UK as a friend and ally wishes them well. We look forward to a positive and decisive outcome from the National Dialogue Conference.
[h=3]Further Information[/h]Read about the Friends of Yemen meeting that took place in London on 13 March
British Embassy in Yemen website


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