News story: Foreign Office: no immediate plans to withdraw Embassy from North Korea


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Ministry of Defence said:
A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said today:
Earlier today, the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed a number of Embassies of foreign countries in Pyongyang, including the British Embassy, and representatives of international organisations that they would be unable to guarantee the safety of Embassies and international organisations present in the country in the event of conflict. They invited the Embassies and organisations present at the meeting to inform them by 10 April what assistance they would require from the DPRK should they wish to be evacuated from DPRK or to be relocated elsewhere.
We are consulting international partners about these developments. No decisions have been taken, and we have no immediate plans to withdraw our Embassy.
In recent weeks, the North Korean Government has raised tensions on the Korean peninsula and the wider region through a series of public statements and other provocations. We condemn this behaviour and urge the North Korean Government to work constructively with the international community, including over the presence of foreign Embassies.
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