News story: Fly 2000 series changes to support Standardized European Rules of the Air...

RA 2307: rules of the air, NAA 15/06 and MAA/RN/2015/02 (D OPS) should be read in conjunction with the RA 3000 series. The rationale for the publication of this regulation is below; it is released to coincide with the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) release of the ratified civilian rules of the air and the United Kingdoms incorporation of the Standardized European Rules of the Air (SERA) into national policy.

Military Rules of the Air will match, as much as possible, the SERA. However, the UK Air Navigation Order, states at article 160(3)(c) and 160(4) that it is lawful for specified provisions of SERA and the civilian Rules of the Air to be departed from to the extent necessary to comply with Military Flying Regulations. Therefore, any differences in the application of the rules resulting from the exemption for military aircrew need to be clearly stated.

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