News story: Flexible digital interoperability across security domains

2iC Limited received CDE funding to develop its concept work to show how data could be exchanged securely between different platforms (soldier, vehicles, bases) at different security levels and between coalition partners and allies.

There are almost no existing solutions applied at the tactical level, those that exist tend to be adapted from those applied at higher levels of command and customised for individual tasks. The task definition, design, implementation and deployment is slow and laborious, and lacks the agility to cope with the dynamic nature of modern operations.

The 2iC innovation provides a solution that meets these demanding conditions in that it can be deployed and updated or modified very quickly and easily. It makes use of lightweight data protocols developed by 2iC, now owned by MOD and published under Open Government Licence so that they are freely available to anyone.

The Royal Holloway, University of London-based company has recently secured additional funding from MOD to develop the solution.

2iC Chief Executive Officer, Graham Booth, says:

CDE is an excellent organisation, their funding and support has been critical to our business. We’ve been successful on several CDE competitions which has enabled 2iC to establish a reputation as a thought leader and innovator. CDE support has enabled us to engage with the right people at the right time in the wider defence community.

The company is actively seeking partners to exploit the technology in UK and international markets, both defence and civil.

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