News story: Developing realistic trauma simulation models

Trauma Simulation Limited was funded by the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) to develop a realistic trauma simulation model for massive lower limb and pelvic injury. The model could be used to help military medical personnel, from first responders to surgeons, train for how to respond to major battlefield injuries.

The model reproduces patterns of injury and bleeding encountered by surgical teams in combat zones and uses advanced materials to simulate the properties of different human tissue. The model was created using a silicone ‘copy’ of a 3D-printed master and based on CT scans of a former patient.

Professor Ian Pallister, Founder of Trauma Simulation says:

The support from CDE has allowed the development of models, which I had envisaged, but had been impossible to make a reality. In due course, these models will be distributed commercially and their use may help save the lives of those injured in future conflicts.

Trauma Simulation is a Swansea University spin-out, founded as a result of ‘the medic of the future’ CDE themed competition.

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