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The Ministry of Defence (MOD) announces today that following a review of its status, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) will continue to remain an Executive Agency of the MOD, but its Trading Fund status will be revoked from April 2017.

Since its creation in 2001, Dstl has been at the forefront of national security, working with international partners and industry to deliver a range of high-impact science and technology solutions, such as developing life-saving armour and deploying scientists to contain the Ebola outbreak. The review has strongly reaffirmed the ongoing need for Dstl’s services for both defence and wider national security.

In order for Dstl to continue to fulfil this role, the Review has recommended that Dstl continues as an Executive Agency of MOD. This will be the most effective and efficient option for the future of Dstl because it preserves the flexibility and agility Dstl has to work across MOD, wider Government and internationally, but will also promote greater efficiency in the delivery of science and technology, and bring about a renewed focus on strategic partnerships with our allies, other laboratories, academia and industry. However, because Dstl’s income comes largely from customers within Government, it has been agreed that Dstl can no longer remain a Trading Fund and will become an Executive Agency of the MOD from 1 April 2017.

Dstl has a bright future within MOD, and will continue to play a key part in delivering the MOD’s Science and Technology Strategy as well as supporting the rest of Government on vital national security tasks and our international partners. The Strategic Defence and Security Review has reiterated the importance of science, technology and innovation in meeting national security needs into the future and the retention of Dstl as an MOD Agency fully supports the delivery of that strategy.

Minister for Defence Procurement Philip Dunne MP said:

I am pleased to confirm that following a review, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Dstl, will continue to operate as an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Defence. Dstl provides vital scientific and technical support to our Armed Forces and our wider national security. The new operating model will ensure that Dstl continues to have the flexibility it requires to deliver high quality science in the most effective and efficient way.

Sir David Pepper, Chairman of Dstl said:

I am delighted that the Dstl Trading Fund Review has re-affirmed the high value that the MOD places on the science and technology that Dstl delivers to all its customers. I am confident that the new operating model will provide Dstl with the framework it needs to continue to deliver and help the organisation go from strength to strength.
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