News story: Defence minister visits young engineers at RAF Cosford


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Ministry of Defence said:
As part of his visit to military establishments in Shropshire, Mr Dunne was shown around the RAF’s centre of excellence for training engineer officers and aeronautical engineer mechanics and technicians. He was welcomed by the station commander, Group Captain Jamie Johnston, who is also the commandant of the Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering.
Mr Dunne was shown an impressive range of technical training facilities and met some of the highly-skilled instructors and academic teaching staff. He also spoke with trainee aircraft technicians about their experiences and their hopes and expectations for a career in the dynamic and high-tech field of military aeronautical engineering.
Mr Dunne said:
The student engineers whom I have met have all been hugely enthusiastic about the prospect of ensuring that the RAF’s sophisticated aircraft are ready for operations in this uncertain world, just as they are in Afghanistan, the Falkland Islands and Mali today.
It has been a real pleasure to visit RAF Cosford to see in person the training that is being offered to the young men and women who will become the next generation of aeronautical engineers in the Royal Air Force.
The training being delivered here by the RAF’s expert military and civilian instructors is deservedly renowned the world over. It has been a very informative, enjoyable and inspiring visit.
Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, RAF Cosford has been synonymous with aircraft engineering since it opened in 1938. Today, it is also home to information and communications technology, photography and physical education training for the Service as well as for armed forces personnel of overseas nations.
Group Captain Johnston said:
It was a great pleasure to show the minister the scale and variety of our training and the commitment of military and civilian staff here at Royal Air Force Cosford.
Our training is complex and multi-faceted and uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide a challenging yet enjoyable entry to an exciting and rewarding career in the Royal Air Force.


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