News story: Computer simulations to help in antimicrobial drug development

CDE funded 2 projects with Moleculomics to develop new platforms that could assist with the development of novel antimicrobial drugs. The computer-based platforms use simulations and modelling to allow faster and more reliable antimicrobial development programmes.

The projects have resulted in high-value genome-scale molecular information to improve knowledge of interactions between the proteins of an organism and chemical compounds. Based on the successes of the CDE projects, Moleculomics is developing the resulting technologies for a number of different applications.

Dr Jonathan Mullins, Chairman, Moleculomics says:

CDE funding has allowed us to complete 2 valuable proof-of-concept studies, which have been critical to the initial creation, growth and subsequent product offering of Moleculomics.

A spin-out of Swansea University, Moleculomics was founded in December 2012 and started trading in July 2013. The company is based within the Institute of Life Science at Swansea University and employs 8 people.

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