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The awards were presented to the recipients by Commander Joint Forces Command (JFC), General Sir Chris Deverell, who also took time to meet with the recipients and their families. Offering his congratulations, he said:

Joint Forces Command is a major enterprise which strives to harness the talent and energy of all its people. The commitment of the workforce is a fundamental element of JFC success and I am delighted to be able to recognise people and celebrate their achievements.

The individuals and teams I have met today, and those who were unable to attend the ceremony due to operational commitments are an inspiration and have gone above and beyond their normal role to provide great support to defence, and we thank them for this

Teams and individuals from a number of different areas received awards in recognition for their work. This included work supporting ongoing operations at home and abroad, working in the local community and also recognition for individual acts of courage in the line of duty.

Commander Kearsley, who received a commendation for his work in J9 Maritime, said:

It is one of the proudest moments of my career to date and it was an honour to be presented the award at Admiralty House by General Deverell

Flight Lieutenant Lindsay was recognised for his work with Information Systems and Services, had the following to say:

It is a proud day and realising that someone has put a lot of effort into recognising his work and nominating him, and receiving the award was a shock

The Commander JFC Commendations can be awarded to service personnel, civil servants and contracted staff from across the organisation. Those awarded the Commander Joint Forces Command Commendations are:

  • Major Martin Ness, Standing Joint Force Headquarters
  • Mrs Mandy Diane Childs, Civil Servant
  • Major Alexander Daniel Whitaker, Joint Force Development
  • Major Paul Morris, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Joint Force Command C41SR
  • Corporal Michael Andrew Jenkins, Royal Air Force. Royal Air Force Wyton
  • Corporal Mark David Latimer-Jenkins, Royal Air Force, Joint Service Signal Unit (Digby)
  • Corporal Thomas Routledge, Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Waddington
  • Major Robert Leasing John Monger, Corps of Royal Engineers, Permanent Joint Headquarters, Northwood
  • Squadron Leader Graeme Richard Watkin Jones, Royal Air Force, Chairman of the Royal Air Force Martial Arts
  • Team Award Op CARBRIT Team, Permanent Joint Headquarters, Northwood Headquarters
  • Flight Lieutenant George Jack Lindsay, Royal Air Force, ISS Blandord
  • Mr Paul Turton, Civil Servant, Senior Trainer at Training Delivery Division
  • Commander David Christopher Moody, Royal Navy, Strategic Command and Control Networks
  • Mr Alexander Jacques part of the CROSSBOW Team, Royal Air Force Wyton
  • Lieutenant Commander Iain Peter Kearsley, Royal Navy, J4 Maritime
  • Lieutenant Commander Charles Richard Keith, Royal Navy, Permanent Joint Headquarters
  • Corporal Brendon Grant Bale, Royal Air Force, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
  • Lieutenant Colonel Mark Edward Johnson-Ferguson, Corps of Royal Engineers, Headquarters British Forces Cyprus

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