News story: Changing the way small field robots are developed

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 16, 2015.

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  1. Autonomous Devices Limited, a technology start-up based in Milton Keynes, was funded by the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) to demonstrate a new technology that could play a part in changing the way small field robots such as drones, ground robots and unmanned boats are developed.

    This project, called improvised robotic devices, was funded through the ‘additive manufacturing for future military equipment’ CDE themed competition. The technology could speed up how field robots are developed, by enabling rapid adaptations to equipment in response to emerging threats in theatre.

    Ken Wahren, founder of Autonomous Devices Ltd says:

    CDE funding and support has been a fantastic leg up for our fledgling business. It’s directly enabled and brought wide exposure to some of the technical innovations that underpin our vision. It’s opened doors both inside and outside of MOD, and we strongly recommend that innovative UK SMEs, with ideas that could benefit defence, explore this mechanism.

    Autonomous Devices Ltd was established in 2015 to focus on new applications and business models for modular robotic systems.

    About CDE

    CDE funds novel, high-risk, high-potential-benefit research. We work with the broadest possible range of science and technology providers, including academia and small companies, to develop cost-effective capabilities for UK armed forces and national security.

    CDE is part of Dstl.

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