News story: Bladesense: energy management in a blade fuse


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OE Systems Limited received CDE funding to develop the initial proof-of-concept for ‘Bladesense’ - an active circuit protection and current monitoring device

Bladesense is designed to directly replace automotive fuses and circuit breakers, with an efficient electronic high side switch, that improves vehicle safety by eliminating localised heating and the risk of arcing.

Bladesense precisely controls and monitors the current passing through it, with both visual indications on a fault and full diagnostics over power line or wireless communications.

Further resources and collaboration will allow the development of Bladesense to communicate with existing vehicle systems and provide a distributed and fully integrated light-weight energy management/control unit (EMU/ECU).

Bladesense is fully self-contained and compatible with standard fuse holders, with no consumable parts. It is powered from the single positive power rail that it is protecting and can provide the required circuit protection for present and future challenges, especially with the increasing use of electric and hybrid vehicles.

David Chadwick, co-founding Director of OE Systems and eLansys Limited says:

CDE is unparalleled in backing exceptional high-risk conceptual technology, in support of the UK defence and security. OE Systems is grateful for the opportunity CDE has provided in the backing of the Bladesense proof of concept, which provided the ideal starting position for OE Systems.
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