News story: Aid co-ordination roundtable and Twitter Q&A on Somalia


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Ministry of Defence said:
Updated: Updated to reflect that Twitter Q&A happened on 24 April and added link to round-up of the event on Storify.
[h=2]Aid co-ordination roundtable on Somalia[/h] On the morning of May 7th 2013, UK Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening, will co-host, together with the Somali Minister of Finance, and the EU, a one hour roundtable meeting focusing on aid coordination in Somalia. This event will seek the commitment of a core group of donors to coordinate aid behind the Federal Government of Somalia’s plans.
This event recognises that aid coordination will be an important part of the New Deal compact, which will frame the relationship of the Government and Somali people with the international community. The roundtable will help set the tone for the Somalia Conference 2013, at which the Federal Government of Somalia will present its vision for: reform of the justice sector; and plans for reforming the security sector, reforming public financial management, developing policing capability and delivering political stability. Donors will be asked to endorse those plans and agree to coordinate and align our support behind them.
[h=3]Twitter Q&A with the Secretary of State for International Development[/h] The Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening, participated in a Twitter Q&A on aid coordination in Somalia on 24 April. You can see a round-up of the Q&A via Storify
The key discussion points from this Q&A will be fed into the Aid Coordination roundtable on 7 May. The outcomes of the roundtable will be published on the conference website.